Vauva Boot Camp

You can participate on Baby Boot Camp course when your lochia has stopped. On the course we focus to exercise midriff, deep abs and to rehabilitate precipitate. Also the whole body will be payd attention to during the training. The mothers will train on the babys terms on the course. The course includes 10 times training. You will need a drinking bottle, gym mat and an elastic band and also accessories for the baby.

Mother You Are Strong

Mothers, whose precipitate has already been taken care of or who are expecting a baby, are training on the Mother you are strong course. Your own body and elastic band will be used as resistor during the training. The training is safe for mothers who has been on a check-up and precipitate no longer exists or when the pregnancy has moved forward normally. In this exercise you get to challenge yourself and prepare your body to go back to normal exercise routines.

Nutrition Coaching

You can participate in a four month nutrition training if yor are not brestfeeding anylonger or when mother`s milk is no longer the only nutrition for the baby. With the help of nutrition training you will learn to eat regularly clean food. You will get a personal mapping, weekly instructions for food preparation and a fresh mother for safe exercise. The meaning with the training is to clean your body from extra sugar and salt and to get out of cravings of sugar. The group starts three times a year. You will get into a group where everyone has the same goal. You will get peer support and SUCCEED in getting rid of your pregnancy weight. Price 100€/month.